Churning out a bracing breed of music that drinks deeply from the well of their Seattle-meets-Brooklyn roots, Crier Brothers play real rock ‘n roll that some of us desperately need today. Born out of the live Empire Vista collective sessions, a roaring force fueled by low-end melodies was created in New York City to tell their story from the gut. 

Harkening back to the time before the alternative tag was bastardized, they barrel through the bullshit led by a three-guitar cordon and clockwork rhythm backing. Filmmakers, writers and general raconteurs Jason S. Dennie and James G. Barry, the original brothers, are here as a reminder that authenticity isn’t dead.

Crier Brothers have recently released an EP, “Original Music & Guide to Existence” and coinciding book filled with intriguing irreverence that bleeds from the same vein as their music.